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Our Process

Our process is quite simple and very streamlined. We cater to the self employed borrower, but do not excluded the W2 borrower. Everything we do is centered around limited to no documentation. We focus on the real estate asset primarily. To be fair, we make it sound easy because we purposely make it easy, but we are just not giving money away. 


There are 2 ways to apply. On line or over the phone. When applying over the phone, only give the facts and avoid the telling a story.  This part has to be quick and straight to the point. We don't structure deals based on your situation or circumstances. It is solely based on the numbers and your strategy to pay it back. We will assist with the strategy.


Doc Collection

This is the part where we ask you to verify everything on the application and just a little bit more. It is important to get your docs in within 48 hours so we can build the file quickly.


Order Title and Appraisal

This part of the process can take up to 7-14 days. So the faster we move in step one and two the quicker this gets done. It is important to get to this step in the first week. In some cases we may not need an appraisal, but in all cases we will need a title commitment.


Close the Deal

If step one, two and three is executed without flaw, You should be closing within two weeks. Three weeks tops. 

Get in Touch

CALL 833-537-0007 ext. 2

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