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We are a direct private funding organization.

Modern House

Who are we ?

RCMG is family operated business started by a husband and wife team whom got their start in the lending industry back in January 2000 in the Canarsie area of Brooklyn where they opened a mortgage brokerage to service the Brooklyn and Queens market. Both grew up in the Soundview Section of the Bronx and attended the same high School. Going further back, their business career as entrepreneurs started around August of 1995 when they founded a private car service company in The Bronx which was back then, what we now know as Uber and Lyft. They were the first at that time to utilize wireless technology with the ride sharing model.

Now let's fast forward ahead. After the recession of 2008 the lending industry literally split in 2 and spawned what we call NON-QM business purpose lending for real estate investors. What was suppose to be an easier way for real estate investors to get funding over time became more and more like traditional financing because traditional lenders stepped into the lane because they saw an opportunity to make more money. So they brought the traditional underwriting model with them which made it impossible to close a deal within 30 days. In fact it was taking 60-90 days to close a loan. The typical loan folder had 50 plus conditions. None of this prevented defaults. However, what it did do, was frustrate brokers and we were one of those brokers. 

So we decided to change our model entirely, by becoming private lenders servicing a market most traditional lenders won't touch.

Enough about who we are. Let's get to know you. 

Our Mission

To provide an alternative option for real estate investors investing in underserviced markets where the prices and values are low. These markets are typically ignored by Wall Street and most traditional lenders beholding to warehouse lines of credit controlled by hedge funds. 

We want to make private lending literally asset based and not just a marketing concept. Real secured funding based on the potential of the real estate asset. This does not mean blind lending to individuals who can not bring the basic qualifications to the table. We definitely want you to have some skin in the game, but we will not require you to jump through a series of unnecessary hoops. 


We are carving out a little piece of the pie that we can share with you.


We help you win, so we can win too.

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